Take Control of Your Life via your Personal Financial Website

Provided by Derek Cockrell

Do you feel like you’re not in control of your money? Do you have trouble deciding what should be saved and what should be spent? If this sounds familiar, it might be time to take advantage of one of the key benefits we provide to our wealth management clients, your personal financial website.


There are many benefits that you can get by utilizing your personal financial website. One of the biggest benefits is that it allows you to have all your financial information in one place. This includes banking transactions, credit card accounts, debt, investments, and more.

“Your personal financial website is just the first step in working to ensure your financial future, but to start it’s important to understand what it’s designed for. It is a comprehensive view of your entire financial life..."

It also allows you to make better decisions on how to spend your money because you have access to all your information. Another benefit is that is helps you get organized. If you have different accounts for different needs like for work and for personal use, this is a great way to keep everything organized, so you don’t miss payments or overspend.

A big advantage is that there are fewer mistakes made when paying bills or keeping track of payments since the information is all there and easy to see. You can also set up reminders for important events or to receive notifications when account balances change.

Another major benefit of utilizing your personal financial website is the insight it can provide into the future goals and plans you have for yourself, such as saving up for retirement, sending your kids off to college, or planning for a major purchase or vacation.

You can see what specific steps you need to take so that those goals are reached successfully. The insight can also help if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck because it will provide clarity on what monthly expenses need to be reduced to improve your financial situation and get out of debt faster.

How to Get Started

Your personal financial website is just the first step in working to ensure your financial future, but to start it’s important to understand what it’s designed for. It is a comprehensive view of your entire financial life so it can be a bit daunting to begin, but probably the simplest way to begin is by answering a couple of basic questions. Once that is done, we will be able to activate your site and you can begin entering your information.

Some people need advanced capabilities while some want something simpler, your site will accommodate both. You can use it to track expenses, investments, budgets, real estate, the options are vast, but you can opt to use it for any one of those areas if you prefer, it’s up to you. However, a key benefit of your site will be the ability for it to grow with you and your needs over time, and it can be a personalized as you choose.

A significant benefit, and one that’s often overlooked, is that while we provide the site to our clients for free, we don’t sell any of your information, nor do we share it with anyone. Your site is safe and secure! We provide this benefit at our cost to our clients as a tool to help us plan together more effectively, and we can also allow your attorney, CPA, and other professionals to view your information, should you want that. You are in control!

Control Your Debt

Your personal financial website can also be a great way to get your debt under control and put you in a better position financially. It can also help you find new strategies to budget, save, and still pay your bills on time. Once you’ve entered your information, all your information will sync automatically from all your accounts—loans, credit cards, bank accounts, investment accounts, etc.—giving you an accurate and up to date picture of everything you have and everything you owe. No more juggling multiple accounts across multiple institutions, your site will consolidate all of that information into one place!

Gaining insight into how you can meet your financial goals will go a long way towards helping you accomplish them. With the help of your personal financial website, you’ll be one big step closer to paying off your mortgage, student loans, credit cards, and reaching your financial goals!

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