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(the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986)

COBRA Administration is often overlooked by companies, but that mistake can prove to be VERY costly.  ERISA laws stipulate that COBRA non-compliance can be as much as $110 per day from the date of the compliance failure, and these and other fees can total up to as much as $500,000!  We can help ease your COBRA compliance concerns and burdens, and for a very reasonable fee, so it makes sense for companies subject to COBRA to at least consider hiring and expert in COBRA to help administer their COBRA administration.

If you would like Contemporary Benefits, LLC to help you handle that, you are in the right place, just click on the appropriate box below to get started.

What is the LARGEST number of employees you have enrolled on any plan you need COBRA Administration services for? (click the appropriate box)

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