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6 Ways for Business Owners to Support Employee Self-Care

Provided by Derek Cockrell

As a new business owner, hiring your first employees presents a number of challenges. Chief among them is the idea of crafting a work environment that promotes health and happiness. Encouraging and empowering employees to practice self-care will go a long way toward retention and productivity. Unless you have an experienced business mentor to guide you, though, it can be difficult to know how best to treat your team. Today, we share a few forward-thinking ideas to help you make wellness a huge priority at your company.

You can do a lot for your employees' perception of the workplace by turning it into an environment where fun things can happen."

1. Encourage the Use of Wellness Benefits

Before hiring your first employee, it is necessary to design a benefits package. Not only should you include a spread of wellness benefits, but you should also actively encourage your employees to use them. Health assessments, stress management courses, and nutrition programs are just a few examples of effective wellness benefits.

In a similar vein, many businesses include support for those wishing to expand their education; discover the value of this option and what it can mean for your business. For instance, having employees with degrees in computer science can make a big difference in today’s ultra-technological business world. And thanks to the flexibility of online learning platforms, employees will be able to study at their own pace, without detracting from their work schedule.

2. Make Time for Healthy Recreational Events

You can do a lot for your employees' perception of the workplace by turning it into an environment where fun things can happen. Take the time to plan a few recreational events that incorporate some healthy movement, activity, and excitement into the workday.

Having something fun to look forward to can help the team stay productive, and having a little fun can get the mind off the grind for long enough to get a healthy mental reset. A few fun workplace events you can host might include:

●     Scavenger hunts

●     Company retreats

●     Board game nights

●     Sports brackets

3. Try Walking Meetings

Although less exciting, you can turn your regular meetings into walking meetings to get participants up and moving. In fact, walking meetings generally increase focus, engagement, and outcomes. Plus, everyone gets to stretch their legs. If your office is a particularly walkable area with a high walk score, turn a few meetings into coffee trips or lunch meetings. You can walk together and get some of the business aspects out of the way. Then, people can continue to develop ideas and build connections together over lunch.

4. Clear the Stigma Around Mental Illness

One of the most important things you can do to encourage self-care is to make individuals feel comfortable being vocal about mental illness. Studies show that certain mental health issues can lead to as many as 27 missed work days per year. This shows that it is a quantifiable issue that employers cannot ignore, nor can they afford to be insensitive about it.

Make the effort to acknowledge mental illness with your staff and urge them to connect with professionals when they need to. Help your team understand that online therapy is also an option and that it is both convenient and discreet. Keep in mind that most virtual telehealth platforms accept many forms of insurance, which helps keep the service accessible and affordable.

5. Create a Stress-Free Atmosphere

Designing the company office to reduce stress can help employees realize that their own wellness is important. Consider installing additional windows to increase natural light and place plants throughout the workspace to promote a positive mood in everyone.

Since caffeine can increase anxiety in some people, be sure to offer decaf coffee in your office. Whether they prefer an americano or a cappuccino, your employees will appreciate it.

Experts also explain that employee recognition has far-reaching benefits. Acknowledging achievements without diminishing people for their mistakes can yield a positive attitude, and even creates a noticeable correlation with customer satisfaction.

6. Offer Housing Reimbursement

Offering housing reimbursement benefits to your employees can be a significant addition to your company's compensation package. This not only helps in attracting and retaining top talent, but also ensures the well-being of your team members. When searching for rental options, prioritize properties that offer self-care-oriented amenities. This includes access to fitness centers, walking trails, and other wellness-focused facilities. These features can greatly enhance the living experience for your employees, promote a healthy lifestyle, and contribute to their overall productivity and satisfaction. Providing such a comprehensive benefit can demonstrate your company's commitment to employee health and well-being.

Provide Holistic Support to Your Employees

Prioritizing wellness and self-care is a worthwhile investment of your time and resources as a business owner. Aside from the obvious benefit of human decency, creating a healthy workspace also boosts productivity and satisfaction. When you treat your team well, you can always be able to recruit and retain the best talent.

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